Rise of the Red Hand

DG Journal 1

Came into Drellin’s Ferry today to restock and see if they had any information behind the lack of greenskins in the woods. The last month has been hard to find prey, and what few times I have managed to track them down, the parties have been far too large for me to take myself. They are either avoiding me, or are becoming organized – both of which create worry.

The situation in town was confusing, however. I had barely begun to speak with those in town I know before the alarm bells rang – the Ferry is under attack! I got slightly turned around moving toward the fighting, and ended up falling in with a rather odd group of fighters. From what I’ve gathered so far, we have a Dwarven Paladin of Moradin (hard to miss), an elven swordmage, a wolf shaman, and a mind mage of some sort. I’m most familiar with working with the elves, so shamans and swordmages are more my speed, but they seem to understand basic tactics and have the inclination to work together.

We now move to save the Brewery, by far the most important place in town. I hope my companions and I are up for it.



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