Rise of the Red Hand

Koragall, 3rd day of the Claw of the Storms

Took up a new cause yesterday, the protection of Drellin’s Ferry. A young lad showed up at the Rotten Apple Inn begging help from any righteous souls who would take a bit of pay for a lot of danger. Some of the local folk decided that they were going to take the child’s money, but I dissuaded them from such problematic choices, and took the job along with a crew of… interesting individuals.

This group currently consists of an elfin (half?) spiritual caster with a…. ghostly wolf? I’ve heard of casters of her ilk, priests and shamans from the most primal of places, but I will have to see what her capabilities are. Her companion is a mind mage of some sort, much like Noregon from the Daggerford engagement. The other two are dwarves – brothers, one a lurker in the dark and the other a shining light of Moradin. Moradin is a good god, who understands honor and battle as Tempus does, but dwarves tend to only see the color of my skin and write me off. Hopefully these dwarves prove to be more open minded than the vast majority of their kin.

We encountered significant resistance on our trip to Drellin’s Ferry. A group of a dozen goblins, including a caster, 2 bugbears and a hobgoblin. These are not the kind of forces that one finds on these roads, and it concerns me greatly. Other than the young boy, everyone was quite useful in dispatching the assault, and we made short work of the assailants. We found six bodies of missing Drellin’s Ferry militia members, marked with a red claw of some sort. Each of the slain creatures was also marked as such in some way, indicating an unprecedented alliance of these creatures taking place.

We have just arrived at Drellin’s Ferry, and I wait for the boat to take us across to speak with the head of the town guard and other various elders. Hopefully our warnings come in time.



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