Rise of the Red Hand

The Story Thus Far...

A summary for those just joining us...

It began, as so many of these things do, in a tavern.

Jorr Halverson, a young farmer from the city of Drellin’s Ferry travelled east, sent for his skill and speed on horseback. At a ramshackle roadhouse on The Dawn Way, the young man sought aid for his village against a sudden rise in goblinoid activity.

Five adventurers answered young Jorr’s call. Haemish Hammerblow, a dwarven paladin late of the Hammerfist Holds, his roguish brother Boggle Hammerblow, the half-elven shaman Veldev and her travelling companion Gideon Ravenor, and the half-orc ranger called Koragall Granger all joined Jorr in his journey back to Drelin’s Ferry. Along the way they encountered their first taste of the threat facing the village – a band of hobgoblins, goblins, and bugbears, united under the symbol of a clawed red hand.

Arriving in Drellin’s Ferry, the party met Captain Sorrana Anitah, leader of the town’s paltry militia, and Speaker Norro Wiston, the town’s mayor. The party was hired to investigate and end the goblin threat to the village.

Jorr led the adventurers to the hut of Harsk, a hunter and recluse who might have some information about the goblins. They found the hermit and his pet dogs slain, but managed to track the goblins responsible to a cavern complex nearby. The party managed to roust the goblins, but at the cost of Boggle and Granger’s lives.

Returning to Drellin’s Ferry, the party buried their dead and mourned their lost comrades. Vel and Gideon met with the sage Serterien The Wise, who linked the goblins and the sign of the red hand to worship of Tiamat. That night, Drellin’s Ferry was attacked by waves of marauding goblinoids. The adventurers managed to thwart the attack, with the help of their new friends Telor Lavollis and Draven Green. But it was clear that the Red Hand was still a threat.

The party discovered that the goblin raiders had used arms and armor stamped with the seal of House Vraath, an ancient family long passed from these realms. Guided once again by Jorr, the adventurers made their way north to Vraath Keep, where they fought and slew two leaders of the Red Hand, the demonic gnoll Wyrmlord Koth, and his minotaur bodyguard Karkillan.

Able to decipher some of the secret war plans they found in the crypts below Vraath Keep, the party traveled further north to Skull Gorge, fighting a Red Hand encampment at the Gorge’s sole crossing, and destroying the bridge that gave access to the Vale from the north.

The adventurers now return to Drellin’s Ferry, an army at their heels, and the lives of all of the village in their hands.



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