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  • Avarthel of Eth

    A member of the Keepers of Eth, the druidic circle of the Shaarreach Forest, Avarthel is a solemn old man who keeps and eye on how the folk of Drellin’s Ferry use the nearby forest.

  • Brother Derny

    The town priest of Drellin’s Ferry, a stout old man. Although pompous, preachy, and long-winded, he is a good and charitable individual at heart who goes out of his way to aid less fortunate folk.

  • Captain Sorrana Anitah

    Leader of the Town Guard, Captain of the Militia, and Chief Constable, Soranna Anitah is a tall, strong-boned woman with simple good looks hidden behind an unsmiling manner. As leader of the Town Guard, Soranna holds a seat on the town council. She takes …

  • Delora Zann

    Once a member of the famed Golden Drake Company, a band of renowned adventurers, Delora retired to Drellin’s Ferry some years ago. She is a plain-speaking, no-nonsense sort of woman, tall and broad shouldered, who wears her blonde-gray hair short.

  • Speaker Norro Wiston

    The town Speaker is a tall, balding man of about fifty who wears a neatly trimmed salt-and-pepper beard. A wealthy landowner whose Family has been prominent in Drellin’s Ferry for generations he’s a hard worker and keen businessman who comes by his …

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